Our Services

Repair And Maintenance

THS Engineering provides after-sales service for all types and makes of Marine and Truck Loading Arms. This includes;

• Routine maintenance
• Minor repair works
• Major overhaul works

bg stretch

Loading Arm Overhaul


mla lowered barge

Major Repairs


personnel scissors lift

Skilled Personel


scaffolding 4 mla

On-site Maintenance


scaffold mla dark

Preventive Maintenance


service hoist basket

On-call Service



Customized Loading Solutions

No two loading bays are the same, which is why THS Engineering offers a customised solution, to meet any loading/unloading requirements.

We are able to offer a complete system which includes civil, mechanical, piping and instrumentation works. This translates to a single point of contact, cost savings and greater coordination between the relevant disciplines.
Our solution can be used for, among others:

• Handling of very dangerous chemicals
• Working in loading bays with tight space constrains
• Loading bay with high loading/unloading frequency
• Wide working envelope required
• High level of safety to be maintained

3d cad full page 3

Customised Engineering - Loading Bay Safety


3d loading bay cad

Customised Engineering - Loading Bay Safety


chevron cad

Customised Engineering - Loading Bay Safety


extended cage prototype

Prototype Design


folding stairs truck cage

ISO Truck Safety


overhanging safety cage

Suspended Safety Cage