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Overfill Protection

A Top Loading Arm can be fitted with an Overfill Protection device, to prevent over-filling of the ISO or road tanker. They are mounted on the vertical drop pipe, or on the suction cone, and works on two main principals;

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1 Bubble Type Sensor

A bubble type overfill protection is a completely pneumatic system, consisting of a hollow pipe with pressure sensors. During loading, there will be a built-up of air pressure within the pipe. This pressure rise will be detected by the adjustable pressure switch, giving signal with a potential free contact.

2 Vibrating or Thrill Fork Sensor

In these sensors, a "tuning fork"is made to vibrate and it's frequency continuously measured.Once the liquid level reaches the fork, the change infrequency will trigger an event via electric signals.

In either devices, a signal can be sent out to the plant control room, or to a nearby actuator to shut off a valve, thereby stopping the loading operation.


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