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Bottom Loading Arm with Breakaway Coupling

Whether the fluid transferred is chemicals, LPG or petroleum products, an accidental drive-away of a tank truck which is still connected to the loading arm can lead to dangerous consequences. Among others, Operators are faced with a slew of Environmental, Health and Safety hazards not to mention costly damage to plant asset.

The answer to this risk, is a simple device, called the Emergency Breakaway Coupling (EBC).


More Information

What is it?

An Emergency Breakaway Coupling is a safety device typically installed on a bottom Truck Loading Arm (TLA), designed to specifically protect the arm in the event that a connected truck accidentally moves away. It consists of a pair of spring loaded disc valves, forced open during normal operations, and held together by two collars. These collars ensure that the two halves are kept together, thus preventing the valves from shutting close. The collars, in turn, are held together by a mechanical clip or with a set of weak bolts.

Release Mechanism

In the event that a truck drives away, the two halves can be released by the action of either;

  1. Breaking of weak bolts, thus releasing the two collars and allow the valves to spring shut
  2. A steel cable anchored to a fixed point, at a calculated length, that will dislodge the clip. The collars are released, and the valves spring shut

In either case, the two valves will spring shut and part away - one half goes with the truck, and the other stays with the TLA. The loading arm is well protected and no products got spilled.


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