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MDB Multi-Disc Brush Pig

MDB Multi-Disc Brush Pigs consist of the same body design as MD along with easily replaceable brushes. Models 2" through 14" are center-rod type (with either wire-wheel or split-ring brushes) and 16" through 48" are bolting pattern configuration (with leaf-spring mounted brushes). They are also capable of being fitted with a gauging plate machined to customer specifications.

More Information

Options and other configurations include carbon-steel, stainless-steel or aluminum body; discs manufactured from neoprene, viton, epdm, buna-n or other elastomer compounds for special services; carbon-steel, stainless-steel, prostran brushes, or polyurethane blades (16" and above); aluminum or steel gauging plate of varying thickness (available with slots); transmitter or pinger cavity; magnets for ferrous debris or for magnetic detection; customized dimensions for special pigging applications.


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