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Process pigs are designed for use in multi-product piping applications for industries including chemical & petrochemical, ink & paint, food & beverage, cosmetic & pharmaceutical for process, packing, storage, and loading/unloading lines.  The unique designs of the process pigs minimize bypass, thereby minimizing cross-contamination and normally wasted product.  For more information regarding this type of pig and its unique closed-loop pigging method, view the Flash animation and PowerPoint presentation found in "The Process Pigging System" link on the green navigation at the left side of this screen.

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Process Pigs


The ARG was designed to be primarily used in conjunction ...


The NEW PDP pig rivals other process pig designs because of ...


The SWP style was the first pig designed for process ...


The SWPF pig is the same design as thte SWP but the ...


The VPR pig is a design variation of the common and ...