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Silicon carbide foam pigs are used for cleaning lines with high-level hardness buildup as well as rust and millscale.  The abrasive compound can be in loose grit form or in a heavy-duty strap.  Models are available in 2, 5 and 8 pound per cubic foot foam density. The pigs are constructed from an open-cell polyurethane foam with a durable polyurethane elastomer coating in criss-cross pattern and silicon carbide material in loose grit or strap form.

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Silicon Carbide Foam Pigs

MS Medium Density Silicon-Carbide

Medium-density silicon-carbide pigs are constructed of 5 ...

LS Light-Density Silicon Carbide

Light-density silicon-carbide pigs are constructed of 2 ...

HS Heavy-Density Silicon-Carbide

Heavy-density silicon-carbide pigs are constructed of 8 ...